"To render patient safety, high quality and world class medical tourism services, assist in planning and implementing tour packages, develop and promote innovative procedures and advanced technologies that strictly adhere to safety standards, laws and regulations as well as ethical codes with the most reasonable value."


To be the worldwide leader in providing high quality services that responds to all your healthcare needs through medical tourism.”


Who are we

We offer a broad range of assistance to medical tourists.
We combine scientific advances and excellent consultation services to support our clients.
We provide innovative and customized solutions to improve medical tour efficiently and cost-effectively through administrative and technical assistance.
We also provide support in improving and developing healthcare facilities.


JMT Advantage

  • We adhere to Patient Safety internationally.
  • We listen enthusiastically to all our client's concerns.
  • We highly value our client’s concerns and we help them achieve their goals with high degree of dynamism.
  • We respect our client's individual and cultural needs.
  • We help our clients with their needs with high regards and sensitivity to their cultural and religious beliefs including specific legal concerns within their geographic locations
  • We constantly innovate to meet our client's unique challenges.
  • Learning is a never ending process at JMT. We constantly seek for better avenues and opportunities to serve our clienteles the best way that we can. We continuously learn and advance our crafts to serve our clients with the best services they deserve.
  • We have an untarnished reputation and passion for excellence.
  • We are passionate about sustaining a reputation that is beyond the best.
  • We are at par with the best in the world. Our leaders are goal-directed and result-oriented.

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