• To increase awareness in medical tourism through new findings and current information
  • To integrate technology advancement and innovation into the global healthcare systems
  • To bring together professional associations, educational programs and combine key players into single network of the global medical tourism industry
  • To distribute research results through medical tourism associations, reports and global events
  • To discover new possibilities, expanding opportunities and building a sales network to improve the marketing strategy, which guarantees high return

Target Audience

  • Business event organizers
  • Carriers and transport services
  • Clinics and Centers
  • Education and retraining institutions
  • Healthcare Insurances
  • Healthcare Organizations and Associations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
  • Hotels, Accommodations or Lodgings
  • IT in Tourism
  • Medical Groups
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Medical Schools and Universities
  • Medical Tourism Agencies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Individuals and Groups / Organizations
  • Real Estates
  • Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Organizations
  • Associated services and Etc…