• Joint Advisory provides a thorough support to healthcare institutions with operations and management solutions. The following are the specific services that we offer.

    • Business planning and performance
    • Human affairs project
    • Development of Human Resources
    • Performance Management
    • Asset Management
    • Internal Control
    • Release of Information
    • Sales Promotion
    • Marketing
    • Financing
    • Administrative negotiation
    • Commercial dealing
  • Standardization has contributed greatly on healthcare facilities to ensuring a good balance between care quality and safety and the cost in hospital management. With an array of experiences and extensive knowledge, we support our partners to introduce standardization programs, through international standards and accreditation, which results in reliable, stable and safe medical practices and cost efficiency via streamlining service structure.

  • Joint Advisory connects our overseas partner hospitals with opportunities to have their staff train or have a first hand experience at our network hospitals in Japan. And in return, Joint Advisory also assists in dispatching Japanese doctors and other medical practitioners on a part-time basis based on our partners’ requests.

  • Joint Advisory partners with investment companies, engineering and architectural firms who have extensive experience in building new hospitals, expanding facilities, and maintaining medical constructions. In particular, Joint Advisory’s expertise and connections make it possible to understand and incorporate hospital partners’ perspectives into planning, quality management and progress monitoring, from beginning stages to completion.

  • Joint Advisory assists and supports our partner healthcare facilities in the procurement of equipment and supplies according to their need by utilizing our network with a broad range product and material providers. We also support these facilities by sharing our selection criteria, professional advice on infection control, patient care and safety and other infrastructure considerations.

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